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Friday, February 1, 2008


I had the incredible opportunity to attend the most amazing workshop yesterday. Jesh De Rox was in town with his new life [as an art form] workshop and I have come away refreshed, renewed, inspired, grateful and hopeful for the future. This seminar was truly life altering.
I shared my time with some of the BEST, most genuine photographers out there--they inspired me, showed incredible love and support, and I could not imagine the day with anyone else.
...and what is so crazy, is that I had no idea who I was with (I only listened to everyone's first names) until I actually collected business cards at the end of the seminar. My classmates, Kelly Moore, Lauren Clark, Susan Yee, Jeremy Lawson, Kate Crafton, Stacy Reeves, Paige Elizabeth,Hansel Dobbs, Catherine Hart & Kym Skiles are some of THE MOST talented photographers out there. I feel so very honored to have shared the same space with them for our short time together.
THANK YOU to all of you--my life is forever changed for the better and I will always be thankful for that.
Jesh--you are amazing. It really is not about the photography--my world, my life is so much better because of the fire you have ignited in my soul. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for all the love you shared. T H A N K Y O U! Great things ARE coming for you and I will be here to support you...always.
Much love,


Kim Nielsen said...

wow that sounds amazing. I'm going to a workshop in Chicago in September. I hope mine goes as well as yours did.

K. Crafton said...

It was so wonderful to meet you! What an amazing experience for us to share. =)

susan said...


i am so glad to have met you - you're a beautiful person, and don't forget who you truly are. don't let the people around you get you down in any way - you are beautiful, and no one can take that away or tell you any different.

don't forget to be you & dream big. :)

<3 susan

Jeremy Lawson said...

Hey Susan, It was really great to meet you. definitely stop by sometime soon. We can do those family pictures and I would love to take you to lunch or coffee.