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Friday, April 3, 2009

Circle Park Bridal

I am so excited--one of my favorite bridal boutiques, Circle Park Bridal just featured us on their blog!

I just adore this little shop which has so many unique accessories, dresses, jewelry...pretty much anything you could need. Any of you who know me understand that I am always looking for things that are not 100% mainstream...things that are unique and beautiful...things that complete a vision I have in my head that may be tough to find.

Circle Park Bridal is the perfect solution for me when I think about my ideal shop. They are a bridal boutique that has fantastic style--which is so important to me. I am someone who believes that your own personal style is something that should be highlighted in everything you do--including your wedding--and if chosen carefully, elements of your bridal look can have longevity beyond your big day!

Circle Park Bridal in size, which allows them to really provide fantastic customer service, yet their selection of beautiful gowns, unique veils and fun accessories are truly among the best around! And I LOVE all the personal attention I receive when I am there--the sales associates are extremely helpful and respectful of my vision for the look I am creating...whether for a bridal session, for myself (yes, I buy hair accessories and jewelry there too!) or even for my daughter! They take the time to show me options, teach me how to wear various products, and do not laugh at me when I suggest using them in a completely off the wall way!

I HIGHLY recommend you check them out--if you have a dress, go shop in their accessories--I promise you will not leave disappointed!

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