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Monday, September 8, 2008

Reinventing Rooms: Holly Bellomy [Allen Headshot Photographer]

Reinvention. When I say the word it makes me think of Madonna, great fashion brands that have sustained popularity for decades like Gucci, and even the fondue pot. All of these things share at least one characteristic--they have reinvented themselves and found new life, new audiences, new popularity, new love...I could go on...

Being able to reinvent oneself is a positive thing--a compliment, a check in the correct box. So why is it then that when I think about my house, my decor, and the word 'reinvention' I just cringe? Perhaps it's because I want new things, but more than likely, it's because I have become too accustomed to my old things--specifically when it comes to home decor. They reside in the same spot day after day and become stale to me. I feel like a change has to come from introducing something new.

This is where Reinventing Rooms comes in. Holly Bellomy is the fabulously talented re-designer/ home stager and owner and is just a pleasure to work with. She helped me reassess my master bedroom (it's always been the last room on our list to tackle) and the [dreaded] playroom. Oh... and she also consulted with us in my husband's 'Man Room' [a.k.a. media room/office/man-cave].

Not only did she have the most helpful suggestions that fit my style, but she showed me how to re-purpose things I already had [my husband is still smiling]! It's like a breath of fresh air has been let into my home, just by moving things around.

With the current housing market and economy, we all need to appreciate what we have and make the most of every dollar. Contact Holly--she can help you give your home a fresh new spin, or assist you in getting top-dollar for your home prior to selling with home staging.

Engaged couples--this is awesome for those of you who are getting married and combining households--let Holly help you tell your sweetie that the leather recliner from college [yeah, the one held together with duct tape] simply has to go!

Families--let Holly help you decide where to put those beautiful new portraits from that fun photographer...what was her name again? :)

I recently took some new headshots for Holly--check them out!

Whatever your stage in life--a new home, appreciating your current home, or preparing your home for sale, I am confident that Holly is your go-to gal. Give her a call, and please let her know I sent you!!

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